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Cadde27 Registered in Turkey with Tax number: 1950645001

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English Support

Experienced multinational support team.

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Regular Deals

After-sale service for regular deals.

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Five stars reputation and transparency.

About Us

Professional Customer Care

Cadde27 is a licensed exporting and importing company that is registered in Gaziantep city in Turkey close to the highest quality factories in the south of Turkey. Our goal is to deliver the best Made in Turkey products to the Gulf of Guinea countries with professional customer care and support.

  • Reliable Network of High-Quality Factories.
  • Professional Communication Team.
  • Transparent Buyer Protection Policy.

What We Do For You?

Issuing Quotations

Best Deals

Using our high quality list of detergent products we will be able to provide you with best quotations and offers


Direct Follow-up

Quality Assurance

Tracking orders, ensuring a safe packaging process, in addition to frequent on-location pictures to keep track of your orders from the factory to your warehouse.


Day to Day Notification

Shipment Tracking

Daily Follow up with the shipment from the Turkish seaport to your country’s seaport.



After Sale Service

A client once means a lifetime relationship, supported by the best deals and offers.


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